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  • Advantages of Solar Cloud Hosting
    Rapid Setup

    The selected Cloud Hosting configuration is delivered to the customer almost instantly. Virtual Server can be build at instant as well.

    True Redundancy

    In a highly unlikely event of hardware failure, Solar Communications guarantees that no data will be lost. Virtual Servers are served by several actual servers. High availability storage provides additional safety layer.


    Purchase the system resources that are necessary. Additional resources are always available for an instant upgrade.


    Intel Xeon Processors, 10G Network Connection, Clustered SAN Storage, these are few of integral parts, that contribute to the exceptional performance of the Solar Cloud Hosting Platform and every Cloud Server provided by it.

    DDoS Protection

    All Virtual Servers are guarded by a free transparent DDoS protection package, which can handle attacks of up to 10 Gbit/s. Please note, DDoS protection does not change end-user experience.


    Access to KVM over IP to Virtual Servers. You will have a full control over the power and the remote screen (keyboard).

    Additional System Resources

    Should you want additional system resources? You will get them in a real time. Instantly. Automatically.

    OS and software templates

    Over 200 OS templates available to be installed on Virtual Servers. All kind of Linux, FreeBSD and Windows OS images are available for instant setup.

    Control Panel

    Solar communications gives full control over the system resources. Manage, create, delete Virtual Servers as needed, in real-time.`


    In the event of hardware failure the system will restore automatically. No effort required on the part of customer.

    Control via Smart Phone

    Getting a user-friendly app allows you to use your smartphone when you need to manage Cloud Infrastructure remotely. The application provides almost full monitoring control over your own Cloud.

    Hybrid Environments

    Unify dedicated and virtualized solutions, accommodate sharp traffic spikes to achieve the better performance.

      Why Solar Communications

    Latest news

    “Eco-friendly dedicated servers and hosting in Switzerland”
    February 15, 2018 12:00 AM

    Solar Communications has been a “green” hosting for many years. Over the past year our energy usage has been 100% wind generated. We go lengths to optimize the operations of our data center, reducing energy consumption. We truly believe that such actions play a substantial role in reducing CO2 emissions.

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